About Us

We are happy to say we have been providing transportation to our community for over 30 years. We first opened up in 1980 and were one of the first BUY HERE PAY HERE dealerships to open up in the northeastern part of the United States. Over the years we have tweaked and perfected our special in-house brand of financing and now offer a car buying experience like no other!

Here's how it works:

What we do is BUY HERE PAY HERE financing. What that means is that we do everything through our dealership. There are no banks, no loan companies and we DO NOT do any credit checks whatsoever. With us, your job is your credit, so if you have a steady job you are GUARANTEED to get approved. How it works is every vehicle we have available has a down payment we required. Once you put the money down, the payments for all our cars are $80 a week or $160 bi-weekly. The best part is that most people will be paid off within 18 months! This is all true and applies to EVERY customer, unlike other car dealerships.

Here's what you need:

1) Valid Drivers License
2) Car Insurance (We can help if you don't have it yet)
3) Proof of Income (ex. Paystub)
4) Proof of Address (ex. Water Bill)
5) Proof of Social Security # (ex. Social Security Card)
6) Down Payment plus Tax/Tags (We accept Cash, Money Order, Cashier Check, and Credit/Debit Card)

Here's what we offer that other dealers cannot:

1) All our cars are handpicked from reputable new car dealerships. We do NOT buy from auctions.
2) We put all our time and energy into having the highest quality and biggest selection of vehicles.
3) We will stand behind all our cars and only offer vehicles that we know will hold up for the long-term. 
4) Before any vehicle is offered for sale, we have experienced mechanics go through it top to bottom to make sure every car is in excellent condition and has brand new inspection stickers.
5) Every car has a free 30-day warranty (Extended warranties are available).
6) We have our own service center that is only for our customers. There we offer our customers discounted repairs with payment plans.
7) We have our own tow truck.
8) We offer service to all our customers from the day the car is purchased to the day it's paid off.
9) We have the experience and knowledge in this business to offer our customers the best possible car with the greatest service.